What Does Online 300 YTT Include :

  • Advanced Yoga Styles: Hatha Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga, Yin Yoga

  • Additional subjects: Meditation, Pranayama, Philosophy

  • Live sessions via zoom on every weekends.

  • Books and course manual for the course

  • 1 Year access to all the course materials

  • You can complete the course at your own pace within 6 months or 1 year

  • Yoga Alliance course completion certification

  • Eligible to register for 300-RYT in the Yoga Alliance

Best Online Yoga Teacher Training Course !


I'm so glad I choose this school for my Online yoga teacher training. I had a good feeling and the experience matched. The teachers are professional, kind, and engaging.

Amazing Teachers and Amazing Course


Vinyasa yoga shala is a unique experience with amazing teachers from India. They did very well the wonderful job of sharing such a deep knowledge of yoga! Infinity love and gratitude!

Thank you endlessly to all my WONDERFUL teachers at Vinyasa Yogashala


Thank you endlessly to all my WONDERFUL teachers at Vinyasa Yogashala for all the knowledge, wisdom, stories, and love you've shared.
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Worldwide Accredited Certificate Of Vinyasa Yogashala

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Orientation for 300 Hour Self paced YTTC

  • 2

    Mantra Chanting

    • Meaning of Mantra

    • Gayatri Mantra

    • Guru Mantra

    • Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra

    • Self Realisation Mantra

    • Universal Mantra

    • Shanti Mantra

    • Morning Yogic Prayer

    • Prayer for Mother Earth

    • Meaning of OM & Shanti in Mantra

    • Mantra Assignment

  • 3

    Hatha Yoga

    • Hatha Yoga for Arms & Core

    • Standing and Forward Bends

    • Hatha Standing Asana Sequence

    • Standing and Backbnding Sequence

    • Hatha Backword Bends Sequence

    • Hatha Core Practice Sequence

    • Hatha Hip Openers Sequence

    • HATHA YOGA hip opening sequence

    • Hanuman Asana (Splits) Sequence

    • Hatha Prepration for Advance Practices

    • Goal to Perform Pincha Mayurasana

    • Hatha Back Strengthening & Tight Hip

    • Hatha Yoga for Back Strengthening

    • Yoga for Side (Lateral) Flexibility


    • Hatha Yoga (Inverions)

    • Hatha Yoga for Hip Deformities

    • Full Hatha Yoga Sequence

    • Hatha Yoga Intermediate Sequence

    • Hatha Yoga Handstand

    • Hatha Yoga for Core Strength

  • 4


    • Introduction to Pranayama

    • What is Pranayama

    • Scriptures on Pranayama

    • Effect of Diaphramatic Breath

    • 3 Gunas in Pranayama Practice

    • Asanas for Pranayama

    • Types of Breathing

    • What is Yogic Breathing

    • Chest Breathing

    • Breath & Its Elements

    • Aspects of Pranayama

    • Global understanding of Pranayama

    • Functions of Prana

    • How to flow the Prana

    • Unity of Pranayama

    • Levels of Pranayama

    • Surya Bhedi Pranayama

    • Chandra Bhedi Pranayama

    • Naadi Shodhan Pranayama

    • Bhramari Pranayama

    • Sheetali and Sheetkari Pranayama

    • Pranayama Bandhas

    • Nadi Shodhana Pranayama with Breath Retention

    • Nadi Shodhan with Inner Retention (Part 1)

    • Nadi Shodhan with Inner Retention (Part 2)

    • Kapalabhati Pranayama

    • Kapalabhati Pranayama with Inner Retention Part 1

    • Kapalabhati Pranayama with Inner Retention Part 2

    • Bhastrika Pranayama

    • Bhastrika Pranayama with Breath Retention

    • Pranayama Assignment

  • 5

    Yin Yoga

    • Yin Introduction

    • Butterfly Pose in Yin Yoga

    • Melting heart & Camel Pose in Yin Yoga

    • Yin Yoga for beginners

    • Yin Beginner Sequence

    • Yin Gentle Spine Sequence

    • Prenatal Yin Yoga

    • Yin Hip Sequence

    • Yin for Backbends

    • Yin to cure Liver and Gall Bladder

    • Yin Latro Flexion Movement

    • Yin Yoga for Relaxation

    • Yin Yoga for full Body Sequence

    • Yin Yoga for Lower Body

    • Yin Yoga Wall Sequence

    • Yin Yoga Upper body Sequence

    • Yin Yoga Assignement

  • 6


    • Bandhas & It's Practices 1

    • Bandhas & It's Practices 2

    • Bandhas & It's Practices 3

    • Maha Bandha

    • Bandha Yoga Assignment

  • 7

    Yog Nidra Meditation

    • What is Yog Nidra

    • Yog Nidra Beginner Practice

    • 6 Steps of Yog Nidra Introduction

    • 6 Steps of Yog Nidra Practice

    • 7 Steps of Yog Nidra Introduction

    • 7 Steps of Yog Nidra Practice

    • 8 Steps of Yog Nidra Practice

    • Meditation Assignment

  • 8

    Vinyasa Yoga

    • Vinyasa beginners Flow

    • Vinyasa Flow For Flexibility

    • Vinyasa Flow for Strenth Arms & Legs

    • Vinyasa Core Strengthening

    • Vinyasa Dancing Warrier Sequence

    • Vinyasa flow sequence

    • Vinyasa Dancer Sequence

    • Vinyasa Sequence

    • Vinyasa Backbends

    • Vinyasa Splits

    • Vinyasa Intermediate Flow

    • Vinyasa Forearm Balancing

    • Vinyasa Headstand Practice

  • 9


    • Alignment

    • Baddha Konasana

    • Supta Baddhakon asana

    • Supta Padangusthasana

    • Veerbhadra Asana 2

    • Adho Mukha Svanasana

    • Alignment Standing Forward Extension Series

    • Assignment for Adjustment and Alignment

  • 10

    Ashtanga Vinyasa

    • Ashtanga Vinyasa Day 1

    • Ashtanga Vinyasa Day 2

    • Ashtanga Vinyasa Day 3

    • Ashtanga Vinyasa Final practice Part 1

    • Ashtanga Vinyasa Final practice Part 2

  • 11

    Kundalini Tantra Physiology

    • What is Kundalini

    • Introduction to Kundalini Tantra

    • Rules & Preprations for Kundalini

    • Eligibility for Kundalini

    • Risks & Precautions for Kundalini

    • Nadis in Kundalini Yoga

    • Yogic Diet for Kundalini

    • Practice of Kundalini Meditation

    • Kundalini Awakening with Pranayama

    • Kundalini Awakening with Mantra

    • Kundalini Awakening with Herbs

    • Kundalini Awakening with Birth

    • Kundalini Yoga Assignment

  • 12

    Teaching Methodology

    • What is Teaching Methodology

    • Rules of Teaching Methodology Part -1

    • Rules of Teaching Methodology Part -2

    • Pranayama & Meditation Lesson Plan

    • Hatha Yoga Lesson Plan

    • Vinyasa Lesson Planning

    • Types of Lesson Planning

  • 13


    • Certificate

    • Exam Part - 1

    • Exam Part 2

    • Thank you

  • 14

    New Chapter

    • resp system vol4 (abdom muscles)

    • muscular system vol 3 (shapes)

    • respiratory system lab session 3

    • muscular system vol 11 (hip ext rotators)

    • respiratory system introduction

    • opening statement (why study anatomy)

    • muscular system vol 5 (types of contractions)

    • resp system vol 5 (resp diaphragm)

    • muscular system vol 13 (quads)

    • resp system vol 2 (mech of breathing 1)

    • muscular system vol 14 (vastus group)

    • yoga anatomy (terms of movement 1)

    • respiratory system lab session 2

    • yoga anatomy (terms of movements)

    • muscular system vol 8 (mechanics of muscle engagement)

    • muscular system vol 15 (rotator cuff)

    • muscular system vol 7 (muscle groups)

    • muscular system vol 4 (origin & insertion)

    • resp system vol 3 (intercostal muscles)1

    • respiratory system lab session 1

    • muscular system vol 2 (muscle structure)

    • muscular system vol 6 (how muscle contracts)

    • muscular system vol 12 (the hip flexors)

    • resp system vol6 (physiology of breathing)

    • yoga anatomy (planes of movement)

    • resp syst vol 1

    • muscular system vol 9 (muscle fibre dynamics)

    • muscular system vol 1

    • muscular system vol 10 (glutes)

  • 15

    Yoga Philosophy

    • hatha yoga intro

    • history of yoga 2

    • history of yoga 3

    • history of yoga 1



Ashish Rawat

Ashish is a charming young yoga master with uniqueness in him to attract the learners with his dynamic teaching style. He has been teaching yoga for seven years and, in this short period, has shown exceptional qualities of a yoga teacher. Ashish obtained his Masters of Science in Yogic Science from Sanskrit University in Uttarakhand in 2014. Furthermore, Ashish undertook yogic training from the highly accredited International School of Yoga, Ved Niketan Dham in Rishikesh.


Tanushree Rawat

Tanushree Rawat is responsible for teaching asanas, pranayama, meditation, mantras and other yoga forms. Tanushree obtained her post-graduate in Yoga from Sanskrit University in Haridwar in 2011. She continued her education by obtaining a Masters of Science in Yogic Science in 2013. Furthermore, Tanushree completed her six-months certificate training from Ved Niketan Ashram and 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training program at Jeevmoksha Yoga Gurukul.

Philosophy & Yoga Nidra

Acharya Vinay

Acharya Vinay was born into a Brahmin family where yoga was a household virtue and his grandfather passed his legacy to his father in form of traditional values of yoga, astrology and dharma. He started studying the scriptures on Veda, Upanishads, and Yoga under his father at the early age of 12. It is still a tradition in India, that such disciplines are passed on from generation to generation. The seeds were sown very early, but like every seed, it took time to ripe out. It got ripe with the initiation by his Guru Yogi Rudranath of Himalayas and acharya was inclined towards a spiritual outlook of life.

Yoga Philosophy

Shivam Rawat

Shivam having deep knowledge in philosophy specialized in Indian Philosophy, done systematically study on Patanjali yoga sutra, Upanishad n Buddhist literature. for a long time sharing the experience of philosophy and how to utilize the knowledge in day to day life with a practical approach through reasoning... He initiated his learnings from Divine Life Society, Sivananda Ashram, Rishikesh...completed MA in yoga from MS university Vadodara .... Diploma in Buddhism from Mumbai university, Diploma in Pali language, Certificate in Buddhist teaching n Vipassana meditation, certificate course in yoga & Vedanta from Forest Academy, Sivananda Ashram.

Yin Yoga & Ashtanga Yoga Teacher

Yogi Aman

Born and raised in the small village northern state of Uttarakhand Indian, in the Himalayan foothills beside the Ganges River. Aman's is the elder son in his villages family where the family needed his physical help on daily household duty. He is a hard working boy who attending school in the morning and helping the family in the second half of the day till late night. He is gratitude that grew up surrounded by a community submerged in yoga. In his very young age he began practicing yoga to make sure he has good stamina for the daily busy childhood lifestyle. He felt an immediate connection to the practice, launching him into his current path as a teacher.

Kundalini Kriya

Sushant Pandey

Sushanth was born in the Yoga capital of the world, Rishikesh. His Yogic Journey started in 1997 when he started his postgraduate course in Yoga Psychology at the world-renowned Bihar School of Yoga where he learned both the theoretical and practical aspects of the Yogic Discipline through a psychological lens. Upon graduation, he joined the university as a lecturer who led practical classes on Hatha yoga, kundalini yoga, meditation, and philosophy with a focus on Samkhya (the theoretical foundation), Tantra (principles), Kundalini (a form of innate intelligence) among other philosophies.


  • Is this online yoga course as effective as in-person training?

    This course is designed by some of the best and experienced yoga teachers of our school. The course syllabus, certification, and everything else remain the same as the in-person course. So this 300-hour online yoga teacher training course is as effective as the in-person course.

  • Who is this program for?

    This online yoga teacher training program is for yoga students looking to deepen their practice, as well as those of you who are looking to teach yoga as a professional yoga instructor.

  • Can I register under yoga alliance after the completion of this course?

    Yes, you can register under yoga alliance after the successful completion of the course

  • Should I take this course even if I don't want to be a yoga teacher?

    Please do! Yoga teacher training is a wonderful way to deepen and recommit to your practice.

  • How long it takes the training to complete?

    You can take up to 1 year to complete the course.

  • Do I need to pay any extra fee after purchasing the course?

    Absolutely No, There is no extra fee involved after the purchase of the course. You need to pay only the fee that is mentioned on the website.

  • Do I need to purchase any books for this course?

    No, All the books and study materials like the yoga manual will be shared with you after the successful purchase of the course.

  • Does the course include live classes?

    Yes, there will be live classes on weekends and the timings of the live classes can be decided according to the convenience of the students.

  • Is this course certificate valid all over the world?

    Yes, this course is certified by the yoga alliance whose certificate is valid all over the world.

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